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Cable mask

The best mask on the market – The incredible cable mask
This mask is created for the working pro or anybody who loves high, solid craftsmanship quality. The genius cable technique offers you many more opportunities and is more magic, because it works out of sight of the audience. This mask isn’t cheap, but is a good investment for your shows. Each mask is beautifully and painstakingly painted with natural skin colors and highlights. Each mask is hand made by me, molded in a hard acrylic and built tough to last a lifetime of professional use. The easy to use cable has built in, one touch adjustment to take up any slack that may occur over time. This is not a toy; this is a serious tool for serious professionals.

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  • Lightweight
  • Includes soft cloth for protection from dirt and scratches
  • Comfortable fit for both child and adult, male or female
  • Skin tone color will match most persons
  • Two Adjustable Straps (you may use both or just one)
  • Spare Foam to replace or add to other sides for a perfect fit
  • Easy to operate using only a slight pressure
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Durable, will last a lifetime
  • Made of polyurethane and fiberglass materials.
  • Realistic teeth made of dental materials with enamel finish
  • Optional Carrying Case (US$25.00)
Price: US$425 plus shipping
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Optional Protective Carrying Case For Talking Mask (US$25.00).

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks from time of payment before we ship the mask to you. We do not stock these and they are on pre-order basis only. You will have to specify skin tone (Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, African American, etc.) and lip color (pink, natural red, bright red). Otherwise, it comes with a standard Caucasian skin tone with pink lips.


INSTRUCTIONS for the Use of the Cable Mask:
Thanks for purchasing the Hilarious CABLE PUPPET MASK©. This new innovation in puppetry will provide you and your audience tons of laughter and amazement. Perfect for both adult and children entertainers, MCs, comedians, magicians, ventriloquists, lecturers, teachers, gamesters and even politicians. Lightweight, portable and comfortable.

Examine the mask. Place the mask GENTLY over the volunteer’s head, upper strap first then the mask. At the same time, you place the control behind his / her back. I tell my volunteer to hold the mask with both hands and insert the mask himself below his eyes while I insert the straps behind his head. The upper strap must be placed above the head and the mask just below the eyes covering the nose. The lower strap below the ears. You don’t have to make it TIGHT. Now you press down the cable control with your right hand to open and close the mouth. You will press the control with a slight pressure to open and close the mask to avoid “clapping” of the mouth. In case the mouth is SLIGHTLY open, that means your cable is TWISTED, re-twist in the proper direction till the mouth closes. Practice packing and unpacking your mask. Make sure you don’t BEND the cable. The case provided has ample space for everything. Wrap the mask with the cloth provided to avoid scratches after use. Add foam in between nose using contact cement if you will be using this for adults for a perfect fit.

The Hilarious CABLE PUPPET MASK© is not only intended for volunteers. You yourself can also wear the mask and talk / sing. That will already let the laughs begin. Just wear it like a mask. Very funny for parties and occasions like Halloween. For Christmas, you can disguise yourself like Santa Clause by placing a white beard on it. Use your imagination and I’m sure you can think of lots more ideas with it.

Place the mask on a child or adult. Tell him that he can move his arms and body as long as he keeps his head in the same position. You can make them say anything you want. They can even dance.

If you are a magician, you can make them say the prediction or the magic words. It is also effective in a silent act where you ask for a volunteer and dress him in a funny costume, hat or wig and wear the mask. Even if you just merely open and close his mouth continuously will automatically bring tons of laughter. You can also load a mouth coil inside the lower jaw.

A funny routine could be done with two volunteer using a mask each on both sides of the performer. They can be made to talk to each other using two different voices. Or even a duet with a song alternating among each other. Applause is always guaranteed after the song.
You can play a song with lyrics and lip synch the song with his mouth movements. It is funnier if it is a folk love song or a popular song.

It is strongly suggested that you spray Lysol disinfectant after every use to insure that the mask is bacteria free for the next volunteer. Wrap the mask with the cloth provided before and after every use and place inside the case. I always tell the wearer that the mask is always SANITIZED before every use.

It really doesn’t matter if you move your lips. You don’t have to be a ventriloquist to perform this. The audience is busy watching the person wearing the mask. As long as you give him/her a different voice with character. Also, practice synchronizing the mouth movement with the voice you give. It is not that difficult to achieve through constant practice.

You can give character to your mask by adding a costume, a wig, hat or even a prop. Since this can be used in male or female, child or adult, there are lots of things you can do with the mask. You can ask the birthday celebrant to recite a poem or sing a song. Even daddy can be used to entertain the guests.

Ventriloquists will appreciate this mask because one doesn’t have to bring a full size puppet along. All you need is an assistant or willing volunteer to join you on stage. This is a pack small play big prop.

Wishing you the best of luck and hoping you get tons of laughter and entertainment value with this wonderful prop. The Hilarious INSTANT PUPPET MASK© is truly one of the best investments you will ever make. Also available with double cable control for 2 masks using one hand. I also make custom masks with human and animal faces. Email:


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