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Customized masks

We also accept custom orders for specially designed talking masks for humans and animals. For animals, it is expected that you train it first before the mask is worn. The talking mask for animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.) is cable operated and is concealed in the leash and collar. A remote controlled version is also under study right now.

Special masks we already created:


This mask has been kept for long but due to insistent requests to make a mask with lots of personality and soooo funny, it is now released for purchase to deserving ventriloquists and other entertainers. This mask is light and comfortable for the wearer. There are two straps that support it. One is on top of the head and another on the back of the head below the ears.
Mask is operated by a two feet thin cable. It is sensitive to the touch. A slight pressure of the fingers will open and close the mouth instantly.
It comes with a case and soft cloth to keep your mask clean all the time.
You can specify skin tone (light, medium, dark) and lip color (pink or red). Otherwise, it comes with a medium light Caucasian color and red lips.

Price: US$400 plus shipping click here!



This is specially made for vents who use a male volunteer with a larger face. If you are planning to use the mask specifically on men, this is what you should get. It has a larger mouth, more teeth and can be seen at the largest venues.

Price: US$400 plus shipping
click here!



Dog Masks:

This masks were custom made for John Pizzi (USA). All exclusive rights to this mask belong to him. If you are interested in this mask, please contact him directly.



Cat Masks:


Double Cable Control Mask:

It is now possible to operate two cable masks with one hand using the double cable control handle. Both volunteers should be on one side only. Thus, it is possible to use 4 volunteers wearing the mask, two on each side.

For more pictures on my mask creations and controls (hand brake, stick and foot), please check out:


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