Lolo Julius is 88 years old. He always has an argument with Lola Luming. He loves to go bar hopping and always gets either too sleepy or drunk at times. He keeps on mentioning "during my time" for every topic at hand. Also too deaf to hear the right words and misquotes everything he hears. I told him to wear a hearing aid but he claims to have perfect hearing.  He loves to eat all the cholesterol food and fat. He always loves political gossip and still has the ambition to run as the President of the Philippines.

BTW, this is the second Lolo Julius I own because the old one I got way back 1986 melted away. When I got the new one, I repainted him to look what I wanted him to be.

The first one was used in nightclubs and adult parties. The new Lolo Julius will be more clean fun person.