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About Me

As a young boy, I have always been fascinated with masks. I used to frequent a novelty shop called “Fun House” where they sold masks (Don Post) from the USA.  I would save up my pocket money and buy those expensive masks. Later on, I enrolled in a mask making course from creature maker Bennie & Liz Batoctoy. I learned to make my own latex masks and body parts. I then enrolled in a fiberglass workshop and learned how to make statues, figurines and a lot more.

The concept of the mask was conceived from the late Col. Bill Boley where he used a young boy and used a slotted type of mask that operated on a string. When he was alive, I asked him if he could make one for me. He said he had no time to do it. So, I had to make my own. But I was able to develop one that was operated from a bicycle cable and brake handle. The cable was hidden at the back of the volunteer.  When I use this, sometimes, the audience is unaware that I am operating it and they think the volunteer is really the one speaking in it. I designed my cable mask to look like Alfred Neuman of "Mad" Magazine. I had quite a huge collection of these magazines during my youth.

I have a collection of hard and soft puppets, but nowadays, I just use two cable masks and use 2 volunteers at the same time.  For birthday parties, I get two men to sing the birthday song; they get to sing the wrong songs all the time and end up with the happy birthday song. I adjust the songs and routine depending on the type of audience, party or show theme.

Majority of my shows nowadays are family shows with a mixed audience of kids and adults.  I have now decided to concentrate on this type of audience rather than doing adult and corporate shows which I still occasionally do. My one hour show is a combination of magic, illusions, parrot and puppet show (where I use the masks). In my experience, after all the heavy props I bring, the masks are the ones my audience never forgets.

Since I started making these masks available July 2006, it has been shipped to the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Israel, Singapore, Japan, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Jerusalem, Austria, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands and France. If your country isn’t here yet, be the first in your country to use it.




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