As a young boy, I used to see Charlie McArthy on TV when it was still black and white. I only realized that he was a puppet at the age of twelve (12). Since then, I was always amazed how ventriloquism was accomplished. So I was able to do some research and found some small adds in Popular Mechanics magazine where magic and ventriloquism was advertised.  I wrote several letters and got some response from Hartz, Pelham and Maher Studios.
I started doing ventriloquism way back 1979 when I enrolled in the Maher Home Study Course and got my first puppet from them. I named him "Randy". He had a high pitched falsetto voice because it was most suited for him. We did many shows until 1988 when I lost my falsetto voice. I never used him again.

An old picture taken 1979 in a disco during my sister's birthday party.


Last year (1999), I was looking for a new act aside from my magic, illusions  and bird shows.  In magic, if you are looking for new tricks, they say one should look at the old ones. So, this is exactly what I applied. Since my vent act was an old one,  I decided to bring back my passion for the art of ventriloquism.  At first, I never expected to bring back my ventriloquial voice. Only to discover that I still had it in me with a lot of constant practice and discipline. I reviewed my old lessons, books and tapes. I also bought everything I could know in the art.
Thru the internet, I was able to join some vent lists such as the WorldVents and VENTmail .  The people on these lists help and inspire me to pursue further my passion for the art. I never imagined that I am able to talk to beginners, amateurs, professional as well as puppet and figure makers.
Of particular interest to me is that I am able to watch ventriloquists working even at an old age thru some videotapes available on the net. This has inspired me more to pursue this art. Also, not too much props to carry compared to my magic and bird shows.
After six (6) months, I now have a puppet show which I am continuously polishing everyday. The more I use my puppets in my shows, the more I learn everyday.
 Thanks to Mr. Clinton Detweiler, Steve Axtell, Timothy Selberg, Bill Boley for creating my puppets and to all the ventriloquists in the world.