This photo was taken during my last birthday (June 03, 2000).  I did a bird show, a magic show and a puppet show. As you can see, I am still working even during my birthday party.
The Talking Mask is an audience participation bit I use with a boy who is between 10 to 16 years old. Instead of using a ventriloquist puppet, I let the boy wear the mask and I turn him into a talking puppet.  I interview the boy about his favorite things and finally he sings his favorite song for the girls watching.
The audience really thinks the boy is doing the talking which gives a better illusion of ventriloquism in my opinion.
It sure is a guaranteed laugh maker and I can't leave without it! You can check out my website on the Hilarious Talking Mask at if you also want to own this kind of masks. I have four types to choose from.!
The HILARIOUS TALKING MASK is the funniest prop you will ever use.